The Beginning.


I am not a woman of few words. I make greeting cards for a living. It is, in fact, my job to be of many words. But here I am, finally starting my very own blog and I am coming up a little short. Maybe it is insecurity about doing this 'right' or 'well' or maybe it is anxiety about putting part of my life out there and wanting to do everyone in my life proud by writing them well. Maybe it's just gas. I had a rootbeer with lunch.

If I know myself well though, I know that it is the opportunity that lies within this project. I always get a little buzzy when I feel a really important opportunity hanging around. There are so few moments in our lives where we get to stand at the beginning of a road and know that we have it all in front of us. Usually we are at the end of one or in the middle of one and wish we could go back, slow it down, remember more, do it better. Here I am. Right smack at the beginning. 

The choice to be present is an on-going challenge for me. I think for many (right?). But it is always the most rewarded I feel. So this is me choosing to be present for my own journey from here on out. I am inviting the world along, less because I need an audience (though, my mom will tell you that I have always loved an audience) and more because I need a witness. Like bumpers at the bowling alley, keeping the ball heading toward the pins, the decision to share my thoughts and adventures with the world is just the motivation I need to actually do it. My hope is to travel along and always feel like it is the beginning.

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