The best gifts come on airplanes.


I hope you enjoyed the gift guides and found them even a tiny bit helpful. Next year I will try to get them out a little earlier, so the elves have a little more time to work. Speaking of gifts, I got one of the best gifts ever a few weeks ago when I had a houseful of friends in town and a very pleasant surprise.

Since many of my nearest and dearest live far away it is sometimes hard to keep caught up with one another and know the little details of the every day. We make a point to see one another regularly and try hard to catch up on the phone, but all lead busy lives and I often feel the miles between us. I secretly daydream about them all living on my street and having the most fantastic block parties.

Since December is an insanely busy month for me and since Lacy was taking her health coaching practice to the next level, I asked her if she would come out to Boston (from sunny California) to cook for me and Coach for a week and squeeze in a visit. She is a very obliging girl and happily agreed. We have loads of photos and recipes to share and I can't WAIT to tell you about it in a couple of weeks.

The food was magnificent, the company sublime and we had timed it right so she would be in town for the 4th annual Marmalade Friends & Family party. Lots to celebrate! Our first year in the new location, and just an annual fun party for Marmalade and Curly Girl Staff and our friends and families.

My college bestie Laura was coming up from DC for the festivities and I knew the two of those girls would just love each other. I love having everyone in one place!

The night of the party arrived, and I managed to stay awake long enough to attend (I wish I was kidding more than I am…) and after a few moments chatting with some of our guests, I looked up and saw someone come in the door. In my mind, I thought: “WOW! That girl looks JUST like Wendy. Weird.” As she walked towards me I realized that it WAS my other college bestie having just flown in from Kansas City to surprise me!! This is how it went:




I love love love surprises but am usually the one executing them and not the one on the receiving end! Wendy and Laura had managed to keep it under wraps and even had Coach in cahoots! I was on cloud 9. (Thanks Lee M. for the pics and being there to capture this moment for me.) We got to spend the weekend catching up, hanging out and just being in the same space together for a tiny bit.

We took the dogs to the beach with another friend (thanks Lizzy for the pics) and had a perfect New England winter day – including lobster and onion rings!

I had such a happy day with my girls. I felt like a dog at the beach! Thanks to all who made that feeling possible!

Time well spent with those you hold dear is too big to put on any wish-list or gift guide. It doesn't fit into a stocking or sit under the tree.

It calls you on a Wednesday or shows up with a bottle of wine. It takes a walk with you, or a long drive. It travels through two airport hubs and goes through security to get to you. It doesn't involve gadgets or take batteries or need it's software to be upgraded, in fact, it often requires you to unplug.

It is the best gift you can give someone else or yourself and it will never be worth less than what you paid the day after Christmas! I promise.


Have a safe and happy Christmas holiday and may your time together be as rich and buttery as the cookies you eat!

Have a greatest gift ever? I would love to hear about it!


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