The Freedom to Marry


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Hoooooweeeee! What a week! This past 10 days has been so chalk full of wonderful things that I simply have not had time to pop over here to say hello! My real life is so bursting full that I will have to catch my e-life up in due time. That is a ratio that I am comfortable with. I have missed you all though, and promise to catch you up on all that is going on!

At the top of the wonderful-things list this past 4th of July weekend was the wedding of two dear friends. The wedding was so sweet, personal and filled with charming details (including Whoopie Pies!) that I just had to share a few! It should first be said that Ali & Shaun are two of the most interesting and lovely people that Coach and I know so it stands to reason that the day they wed would be full of interesting and lovely people and things. But, what really struck me through the course of their engagement right through to their wedding day is that I have rarely seen two people whose effect on the other is so positive and delightful, that though you love each one as they are, you cannot imagine them, now, without the other in their life. It would be like having a bulb out in a chandelier.

We loved spending the day with friends and family. The rain let up just in time for the gorgeous bride to walk with her parents down the aisle. Through their very personal and thoughtful ceremony we were reminded of the power of love in ourselves and others and of the true freedom that it is to be able to choose whom we get to walk through life with and devote ourselves to.

We danced the night away under paper stars and stuffed ourselves with whoopie pies. We all fell in love a little bit more that night. More with Ali and Shaun, more with each other and more with warm summer nights in July filled with freedom.


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