The un-list maker.


image via Pinterest origin: unknown (sorry!)

With a long weekend staring me right in the face and not a travel plan in sight (phew!) I caught myself making lists. Projects that I need to do, things I want to do, stuff around the house that I really SHOULD do. Plus, a little time with friends, walks in the park, first of summer meals that I want to plan, oh, and I will be working the shop every day and need to get some holiday cards finished up. Suddenly my 'long' weekend was only long on stress and things to do. So I will do only one thing this weekend (outside of my work responsibilities). I will be: Leigh Standley, Girl Gardener. 
There are 5 heirloom rose plants on my back porch that are looking for a partly sunny spot to call home and about one hundred million helicopter seed things from our maple tree that would like to make babies in my freshly mulched beds to eliminate. So, that is it. A list of one. Me + dirt = love this weekend.

Man! It feels good to scratch out all of those other things!! Try it!! I dare you to make a list that just says: “Drink Iced tea and read magazines.” (technically two, but they can be done simultaneously). Wouldn't that be a coup!

Have a great one! Whatever is on your list!



P.S. If anyone knows the artist of this adorable garden image, please let me know! I want to sing it from the rooftops it's so cute!!

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