Thematic Declaration


After much marinating on the coming year I have settled on a theme for myself. I like to choose a word or a concept to focus on to help keep me focused, grounded and on occasion, out of trouble. Last year's, as I mentioned, was “creative development” and though, I intend to continue my creative development throughout this year as well (because you see, my plan worked and it has become a habit!), I have chosen to focus my efforts this year on growth.

The word “grow” can have many applications to one's life and I intend to allow it to do so. Growth usually means 'to get larger' but I believe that it can also be applied to getting smaller. I believe it can mean both sprouting up and rooting down, growing wings and being firmly planted, exploring your reach but also firming up your grasp. For me, I plan to use this year and this word to push myself to take new risks and to collect the knowledge from the ones I have already taken. To grow deeper, and thusly, stronger in where I am right now.

My hope is to apply this both to my business, which is, as we speak poking fresh new shoots from every branch, and to my personal life, where my fledgling marriage can find strength in roots of all kinds.

I would like also to take the theme a bit more literally and grow on a cellular level. I hope to focus on heath and well-being by eating cleaner and closer to the earth. Prevent illness and keep my energy up (for all of those shoots!) by feeding my body whole foods and making an effort to drink more water and get to yoga more. In all that good health I want to grow even more. I want to have a baby (Yep. Said that out loud…) and grow our family.

All of this will require a spiritual growth and grounding too. I hope to dedicate some regular time to revisiting some spiritual mentors and grounding myself in my faith, inspiration and purpose. Making my roots thick and my place in the world strong.

I also want to plant a garden. We did some 'landscaping' last year and the beds looked lovely. Coach and I took great care to see that the plants were watered and I kept them trimmed, but this year I would like to start to learn more about gardening and planning a garden. I would also like to plant my first vegetable or two to ensure that my black thumb is overcome-able. From there, I think the possibilities are endless but much like anything you have never done before, it seems a far greater task than it may actually be.

So, there you have it. My theme for the year and all the personal declarations that go with it. My hope is that by my stating these things aloud (or, you know, outloud in print) I will be more likely to treat them with respect and encourage them in my life. My hope also, is that you will too.

It is a strangely empowering thing to keep a word to yourself. Keep it in the back of your mind, to let it guide you in your moments of doubt or self-discovery. I sometimes even write it on a piece of paper and stick it in my wallet just to make it a tangible thing. Try it. Let me know how it goes.

I hope to do some follow up on the moments my theme and I come to this year. A check in here and there, but it will most likely be a retrospective. In the meantime, I will finish telling you about last year's theme! For now, thanks for receiving this for me. It makes a difference.

If you have picked a word or theme for the year and want to share, I would love to hear about it!

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