Live Big



Curly Girl is a small business with big ideas and even bigger heart.  We believe in living imperfectly, indulging in wild ideas, and finding bright and shiny things in unexpected places. Many times, these unexpected places are other small businesses in our neighborhoods and online! Hand-made gifts, gorgeous jewelry, quirky home decor, all curated by individuals with the goal of bringing something new to the marketplace that you just won’t find anywhere else.

We have a saying around here, a practice, really, and it’s something that we are
working hard to cultivate in the world:

Shop Small, Live Big

What is Shopping Small? Well, it means supporting small, local, and independent businesses and artists!  The energetic focus on who makes a product, who created your shopping environment, who does buying these products support is just as important to us as what we are buying.

How we spend our time and energy is just as important as how we spend our money.

This is a seismic shift in how we consume and it is changing the face of retail – and in our opinion, for the better!  The Shop Small movement isn’t a passing trend, it’s how Curly Girl got it’s cute shoes off the ground!  You might not realize it, but we’re a pretty small company…like, really small.  As in, there are 6 of us at Curly Girl HQ and have just a small group of dedicated girls at Marmalade.   Our team may be small, but we are a mighty bunch and we are constantly collaborating on new products, events, and living big, every single day!

We want to celebrate the people who put the bells on the doors. Who turn over the sign in the window each morning to ‘open’. The people who spend their time and energy and money creating beautiful spaces for you to shop and commune and be inspired.

That is a real thing.
That deserves our support.

It’s hard to ignore the pull of the Amazon’s and the big boxes, pennies are tight everywhere, and time is precious, but whenever and wherever possible we encourage you to bring it back to small. When you pick up a Curly Girl card at your local shop, you are directly supporting not only that shop owner, but Curly Girl as well!  Now that’s what we call tickling two birds with one feather!  Same goes for when you shop from Curly Girl and Marmalade’s online shops or the online outposts of your favorite small companies – you are directly helping us continue our creative process, grow as a business, buy from other small businesses and give back to our community (which, as the world turns, includes you!)

Look at you, being awesome. Feels pretty great, right?
Can you feel all of the virtual high-fiving going on here? We can!

Ok, so we can’t always compete with those big box stores and mega-online outlets. They make their money selling your customer information, not from selling you something. We can’t offer flat $5 shipping all of the time, and you won’t see endless sales every day in our shop.  But, we do give you a direct line to a real-live-person when you’ve got questions, we do have a dedicated person handling your order from beginning to end, tucking in all the goodies (and maybe some extras, just because) for their trip to you. We will never ever sell your information and you can be sure getting a box from us will put a smile on your face from the outside in. Because being small we can take the details a little bit further – it’s called the fairy-dust factor and we take it very. seriously.

Not to mention all the fun events, deals, giveaways and discounts we offer every month through our website, Facebook, Instagram, and the Blog.

The point is, everyone can Shop Small and Live Big!  It’s as easy as supporting your local shop that carries Curly Girl products, choosing to get that unique housewarming gift or little treat at your local boutique, and indulging in a little something for yourself from the Curly Girl online store.

You can bet your bottom dollar that when you shop small, we are all living big together… and that’s no small change.