A little reminder and a winner!


Photos © 2011 Curly Girl Design, Inc./Leigh Standley. all rights reserved.

We have a winner!!! Thanks for all of your really really nice comments! I love hearing about your Curly Girl 'first times'!! I love it as the designer/maker and I love it for all of the shop owners out there whose shops are connecting you with things that you love! These shop owners and retailers are creatives and business people who go above and beyond to create experiences for their customers and create community around sharing the things they love with you. I am so glad that one of the things they love and share with you is my work! Please continue to give them shout outs whenever the mood strikes!

SO! Without further adieu… the winner of our brand new Curly Girl Apron is Kristin who first found us in Key West, FL (she hilariously wrote our website down on a cocktail napkin from Margaritaville!) Congrats!

Thanks again for all of your comments… it really made me smile! I took this photo last weekend in Newport, RI on the cliff walk and thought it was a nice reminder. Have an excellent start to the week!


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