CGD Instagram Scavenger Hunt: Challenge #2!


Good evening! Apologies for the late post, but I am traveling and that always screws up my sense of time and space.

This Instagram Scavenger Hunt thing is so dang fun!! You guys are crazy brilliant and insightful and I really love seeing what you come up with! A handful of you participated in this first challenge and some of you got really into it! SO GREAT!! Here is how we (collectively) interpret 'inspired':

Isn't it beautiful! For more info, like everyone's description of what they shot, search #cgdscavenger_inspired on Instagram and select individual shots. I loved @Mlsgb's “glass half full” and @Alyssabarr's “teacher who comes to the house”. I loved them all!! Which ones struck a chord with you!??

I will post _inspiration and _inspiring over the next few days, but in the mean time, the next Curly Girl Design Instagram Scavenger Hunt Challenge is up!! These should be crazy fun to do!! Will you do this with me!?

Say yes! I know you see magic everywhere.


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