CGD Instagram Scavenger Hunt: “Magic” and “Delicious”


I am back from a mini-break to California to celebrate my birthday with Coach. It was fabulous, fun-filled and much-needed time together. I am grateful for all of that. I am getting packed up for the Stationery Show, but wanted to show you the gorgeous results of the Curly Girl Instagram Scavenger Hunt Challenge #2. These are getting better and better! Wait until you see the colors from Challenge #3!! You guys are so clever!

I will post the final challenges this week ….get ready to search for some really specific things (now that I have you warmed up!) it's gonna be great! If you are new to the hunt, welcome!! If you know someone who should be doing this with us…for goodness sakes! Tell them!! Here is the original info. The more the merrier!!

Thank you to those that are participating! Your photos are really wonderful and I am loving the collections! Especially DELICIOUS! I love photos of food. I love food, just in general…

ok, have a fabulous weekend! Let me know what you think!!


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