CGD Instagram Scavenger Hunt: “Orange”, “Yellow” and Challenge #4!


Hello there! Sorry to have left you for so long. I had to pop out to attend the National Stationery Show last week (you know, work…) and the long days on the show floor and the distraction of being in NYC did not lend themselves to my getting any blog posts done. And what a shame!!! I have these beautiful color collections to share with you from our Instagram Scavenger Hunt!! If you are just joining us on the hunt, WELCOME! Please start with this newest challenge, Challenge #4 (above).

In this challenge we are gettin' graphic. It should be amazing! We all love pattern, and we come across it everyday. I want you to find patterns that make you squeal just a little bit, and want to cover every available surface with them. Snap a shot and tag it. I can't wait to see what they look like all together! Also, I want you to find words. You can find them anywhere, on a building, on a sign, in a book, on a tattoo…whatever, but try to focus on a single word and make it as large a part of your photo as you can. I want to see what kind of poetry we can create here. (I told you I was gonna be specific!!) Finally, find some numbers…my preference was architectural, but any cool looking numbers will do!! I just want to see what you see! 

Speaking of what you see, you all see in full color!!

Look at how fabulous they all look together! I love how different they are and how many ways we found to capture my favorite color.
Yellow is fabulous too:

Thank you to those of you who are participating (with gusto!), it is really fun to see who is out there! If you are thinking about jumping in but haven't yet, please do!! Getting as many different perspectives as possible is what this is all about.

I am in studio this week (big deadlines!) but I will be posting the rest of the color challenge results later this week (so if you want to sneak one in under the is your chance!) as well as filling you in on the Stationery Show, and a couple of other fun things!!

Happy Wednesday to you!


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