Curly Girl Instagram Scavenger Hunt 2012!!


OH THIS IS GOING TO BE SO FUN!!! Ok, so I am sure I am not the first person to think of this, but since I think you guys are so cool and interesting and creative and amazing, I wanted to try it here.

As I am sure many of you are, I am obsessed with Instagram , though only recently ( I know many of you are old pros at this point…) it is changing the way I see things, and making me so much more aware of the tiny beauty and little millimeters of my life that I actually stop and observe every day. It is a real genius outlet for the visually minded! But is also such a nice way to share what you see and how you see it with friends.

So, according to my research quick poll, there are potentially around 150 of you out there that might want to take part. I think that is a great number and could make this stunning if I can pull it off the way I want to. Here's the deal:

There will be 5 challenges, a new one every few days. Each challenge card will have 3 words/things to find on it. Each thing will have it's own hashtag. (ie: #cgdscavenger_inspire)

Interpret the words/things however you want and take a photo of your interpretation. Tag it accordingly and make sure to also include me (@CurlyGirl510) on it so it will be easier for me to find it.

You can do one word/thing or all three, but make sure your photos are in by the deadline on the card. I will then compile all of our interpretations here for all of us to see together. I think it could be beautiful and amazing!

Will you play with me? (Mom! that means you too!)

Today's challenge is above, and starts now.

Ready, Set, Go!


P.S.: If you don't have Instagram yet, and have a smart phone and want to participate, you can get it for free online or in the App Store on your phone. I believe it just became available for non-Apple users too.

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