Fleas Please!


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Hello all and happy Tuesday! So, today I am going to share one of my favorite past times with you and one of my favorite sources.

I love old things. I like meaningful things and pretty things. If I can find something that is all of the above, then watch out! I like to include some well loved items into whatever creative project I am working on whether it be vintage ephemera in a new card, or unique and unexpected containers to display product in at the shop or vintage furniture or objects to include into an interior space to make it feel more like home. My taste leans vintage, though I have never been able to really pull off the 100% vintage look. I am still very much drawn to modern lines so my goal is always to beautifully marry the two and hover somewhere in between. Old things have had other lives, past places, other owners. They have history. They have secrets. I love to pepper a space with beautiful or interesting things that have secrets. It's all very Oscar Wilde!

So here I am in the dead of winter, trying to get big Marmalade all up and running and looking unique and fabulous and there is not a flea market in sight for months! Ack!!

Enter Stephanie Pernice. Stephanie has been my longtime source for unique finds from all over and together with her partner John Warren (who handmade my kitchen island!) she has taken over and created one of the area's best indoor vintage marketplaces. Which was, fortunately for me, open last Sunday! The SOWA (South of Washington) Vintage Market has a vast array of vendors selling everything from mid-century modern furniture, to antique jewels and maps to lovingly restored and painted hutches and vintage clothing. It's a picker's paradise! I am so glad that they are holding some winter dates that I had to spread the word! And take pictures!

You can find them both online, or here in Boston, but incase you can't make it you can also find them at the Brooklyn Flea on Saturdays in the summer in New York. Thanks Steph and John you are lifesavers! (Well, retail lifesavers!)

Do you have any great sources to share! Favorite haunts? Junk shops? Fairs? Fleas!?? Please share!


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