July 24, 2009


all photos by Tricia O’Connor Baska of SNAP Photography

Two years ago (yesterday) I wore this:

and these:

and went here:

to join lives with him:

We were surrounded by family and friends

and asked them to witness as we promised to do our very best for each other and begin our adventure, together

a magical night was had by all (or at least everyone told me they had a good time!)

Happy Anniversary Coach!

A young marriage is a bit like having an infant. ( I am waxing a little here as I have only had one young marriage and zero infants) They need a lot of attention and constant care. They get a little bit fussy because it's often hard to communicate when you don't yet speak the language, and they pretty much need to be fed constantly. There are giggles and smiles along the way and many little joys and   milestones, but pretty much at the end of a couple of years, when they start to find their legs, you are just relieved that you were able to keep them alive.

A strong foundation takes time. You can't fake it or cheat it. You just have to build it. Piece by piece. I am grateful to be with someone who sees the value in that everyday and helps me to believe it, even when I get a little fussy.


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