New Product Release – Demdaco


Hello! I am back for a moment on a pit-stop from tradeshow season. This is one of a few times a year when we travel around like nomads presenting our product to the world of buyers. Buyers that own shops on Main Street and everywhere, that take all of our beautiful things back to their beautiful stores so that you can discover them! It is both hectic and exhilarating and the circus-cast of friends we have collected over the years is one of the finest rewards.

Another great part of the shows for me, as a licensed artist with a few companies, is that I get to see the beautiful product that they have developed over the past year in all of it’s glory in their various show rooms. It is sort of like the ‘reveal’ on one of those “HGTV” shows …I never know what it’s going to look like, but it usually makes me say: “Wooooooooow”. This year was no different!

I have been working with Demdaco for almost 5 years now and they never cease to amaze me! Their showroom is one of the most well curated showrooms in the whole market (in no small part thanks to their visual manager Cory! Great job Cory!) This year, they have done a sweet little release of some big-impact product and I am thrilled to the max with it!

The above beautiful, bright and completely lovable pieces are just a sampling, but are as follows:

1.) “Wine with Friends” Cutting Board: $24

2.) “Cape & Tiara” Paper Lantern: $22

3.) “Wine with Friends” Layered Wall Art: $42

4.) “Peacock” Mobile: $32

5.) “Hug You” Squiggle Plaque: $10

6.) “Mermaid” Squiggle Plaque: $10

7.) “Welcome to This World” Frame: $26

8.) “Mermaid” Layered Wall Art: $35

What do you love? Any favorites? I would love to hear!
More licensor product releases coming soon…


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