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Hello! So sorry it has been so long since I last posted. I have been on a marvelous and much needed adventure and been spending time with my sweet Mom who is in town at the moment. I will fill you in on my trip once my head stops spinning from it.

A few weeks ago we were talking about new traditions and I was going backwards through 2012. Well, I got to fall, and I literally gasped. I love everything about fall. Every. Last. Thing. Including, but not limited to these. So as I sit here in the dregs of winter (we got a fresh coat of snow yesterday), trying really hard not to complain about it (my resolution every year… I will not whine about winter…I will not whine about winter…) I looked back at some of my Instagram ( @curlygirl510 ) shots of the magnificent fall that we had (really, it was one for the books) and I am reminded of the beautiful cycle of things.

So to honor my pledge to not whine about winter….I will sing about fall!! It was beautiful, and full of peaceful mornings, hikes with friends, walks with my mom, adventures with Lucy, Election day, yummy pumpkin-flavored things, fun outfits and breathtaking color. I am grateful for it, and know that we could not have a fall if there were no winter.  (see, I'm coming around…)

Maybe next year I will have a collection of winter photos. That may be pushing it though. Help me! What makes you love winter?


Stay tuned this week! I will have a great little give-away, and some pretty fun product updates!


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