This is ‘inspiring’


Happy Monday! I hope this collection of our Curly Girl Scavenger Hunt images for “Inspiring” gets your week of to a fabulous start! I am loving this project more and more! You guys are finding some awesome stuff and I love seeing these words through other people's eyes!

You can join us on Challenge #2 here if you hurry and Challenge #3 will go up tomorrow! Will you help spread the word about this? The more the merrier!

To see everyone's comments and descriptions of their images search #cgdscavenger_inspiring on Instagram.

Couple of notes: You must only enter your own photos for this. It's doesn't feel right to bring in other people's work wIthout them knowing. Also, I cannot get access to the photos if they are not public or if I am not following you, so if you want me to include your private photo, email it to:

Happy Hunting!!

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