Ceramic Keepsakes (3)

About Ceramic Keepsakes

Much like our greeting cards, Curly Girl ceramic keepsakes will let you tell, and show, your friends and family just how much they mean to you — but in the form of a unique ceramic work of art. Each Curly Girl ceramic design features a message of love, encouragement, or sentimental thought in the shape of a star, heart, or lantern. All come with an attached hanger so you can place your keepsake in your favorite location. 

No words will go left unsaid with a Curly Girl ceramic keepsake. Produced exclusively for Curly Gril by Studio M, each of our keepsakes makes a memorable, big-hearted gift that will be cherished for years to come. Each design features a handmade look with a matte finish. Star and heart designs come with colorful wooden beads and a waxed linen tassel that add a pop of color to the metal hanger. Just drop in a tealight, votive, or mini string lights in one of the lanterns for a magical glow. All designs feature debossed lettering, all in that Curly Girl style. 

Curly Girl ceramic keepsakes are perfect for anyone who needs a smile or some support. Each memorable design acts as a gift from the heart and will also add to any home’s decor. Shop our ceramic collection today and share the love.  

I could no sooner count the stars in the sky than count the ways I love you. — Wisdom from Curly Girl

About Studio M: At Studio M, art fuels everything. They work with talented artists around the world to create remarkable, innovative products.