Chocolate & Candy (22)

About Chocolate & Candy

Chocolate and candy from Curly Girl? Good Lord, we’re gonna need chocolate!

Chocolate is one of the world’s most-perfect treats. When you combine its smooth and creamy taste with Curly Girl wisdom you’ll experience the ultimate in delightful indulgence. It’s like your favorite Curly Girl card has been overstuffed with the most delicious and satisfying chocolate — you won’t be able to resist it? And like our greeting cards, our chocolate is all about celebrating life’s everyday moments, whether big or small, as a special sweet treat.

Curly Girl small-batch chocolate is velvety rich and comes in 70 gram single-serving bars or packaged as bite-sized mini milk chocolate hearts (45 grams per package). Our bars come in three flavors: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and dark sea salt chocolate. All of our chocolates carry magical and witty words of wisdom designed to lift the spirits, spread joy, and comfort those in need. Who knew chocolate could be so inspiring? They are perfectly perfect for sharing with family and friends for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion, or simply for treating yourself. With so many different bars and occasions to choose from, you’ll just have to taste each one. At Curly Girl we encourage you to never forget the chocolate.

“I love you more than chocolate (but I would keep a close eye on chocolate if I were you.)” — Wisdom from Curly Girl

“My friend went into the hospital for a routine procedure and I slipped this treat in a card and she was delighted with the chocolate and the sentiment.” — Pearlgirl, verified reviewer