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About Greeting Cards

At Curly Girl, we make greeting cards for people, not occasions.

A Curly Girl greeting card is about the celebration of the moments in between occasions…but sometimes you just need a birthday card or a get well card. We’ve got you covered on all fronts.

It is our delightful day job to create unique greeting cards to keep you connecting with the people in your life. Remember, we need each other more than ever. Our whole mission is to help you show love to one another through the magic of a card.

Each Curly Girl greeting card was artfully designed and inspired by the witty musings of founder Leigh Standley. Leigh’s colorful collage art and hand-stamped wisdom make every card a work of art that happens to be a super handy, post-perfect greeting card! Our cards embrace the magic of small moments with bright, heartfelt, and encouraging messages that celebrate, soothe, or inspire. If you need proof of how special we are, Curly Girl is a two-time winner of the LOUIE Award for creative excellence in the greeting card industry.

Our collections of extra-special cards are available individually, in bundled sets, and through our Love, Delivered subscription service. Stock up on our bold, heartfelt, and quirky cards so you can inspire and cheer on those you care about. Curly Girl cards help you say what your heart wants to say.