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A Curly Girl book takes you beyond the ordinary. 

Curly Girl founder Leigh Standley’s whimsical and clever work has been in the making for thirty-ish years. Her creative wisdom and art is now available in book form. You love her cards, right? Well, you will absolutely adore her books. 

Do What You Love … Inspiration for Living Your Heart Out is a book of practical magic featuring inspirational words and illustrations by Leigh. The book is filled with witty, uplifting messages and enchanting colorful images, making it a perfect gift for celebrating graduations, new careers or beginnings, or for anyone taking the proverbial leap of faith in following their dream. We all have the ability to realize the dreams we’re passionate about and Leigh shows us how to do it.

Sweet Dreams: Bedtime Visualizations for Kids is designed to help kids slow down, breathe, and become aware of their bodies so they can relax into a good night’s sleep. Whether they are envisioning flying a kite, making it rain, or rocketing to the moon, Sweet Dreams offers guided narratives that will spark their imaginations, as well as breathing techniques that encourage restful relaxation. Leigh’s illustrations are brought to life through the words of best-selling author Mariam Gates.

Leigh Standley is the recipient of the Louie Award for Writer of the Year (2021) from the greeting card industry. This award recognizes her body of work. Why not add one of her books to your collection today.  

“A wonderful book! I have always loved Curly Girl and all of their products! This book is so cute and full of wisdom!” — Allison A., verified reviewer