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About Napkins

Plain cocktail napkins. Useful but uninspiring. Forget plain! Why not make your next party, wine-with-friends event, or special evening at home more fancy and enjoyable with the uplifting and creative musings found on Curly Girl cocktail napkins. Curly Girl napkins feature the same artfully designed imagery and witty musings found on our greeting cards, but in a form that’s super handy and useful. 

A Curly Girl napkin is multifaceted. Each clever napkin will help keep your hands clean and your countertops and tables free from damage. Even better, and unlike those plain napkins (remember, plain is blah!), our napkins are designed to help you make a statement, prompt a conversation, state a theme, or simply add some style to any event.     

Curly Girl napkins come in packs of 20. Each napkin is perfectly sized at 5 by 5 inches folded and made of strong three-ply soft paper. The beautiful designs are printed using eco-friendly, non-toxic, water soluble dyes.   

So go ahead and add a personal touch and some flair to your next event. Curly Girl napkins are the ultimate in functional elegance. And like our cards, our napkins embrace the magic of small moments to inspire, comfort, enlighten, and have some fun. 

When life sends you an invitation, RSVP “Yes!” — Wisdom from Curly Girl 

“The messages and the designs are simply the best! — Peggy K., verified reviewer