Paper Party Straws (16)

About Paper Party Straws

We know how to throw a party at Curly Girl. And we have solved the problem you didn’t know you had — how to drink directly from your favorite bottle of wine or champagne, and still mind your manners. Curly Girl paper party straws are a clever, fun, and festive way to enjoy the beverage of your choice without having to wash any glasses. 

Planning a special party or a wine night with friends? Don’t forget Curly Girl bottle party straws! Our straws are perfect for every type of gathering, even parties of one, and we guarantee that they will add life and levity to any and all get-togethers. 

We offer a collection of themed straws for special birthday milestones, champagne lovers, and wine connoisseurs. Each variety comes in a tube of 12 straws that are 12.5 inches tall. Our special Split Wine Straw Pack comes with 12 straws that are 8.25 inches tall. 

Curly Girl paper party straws will help you celebrate, commiserate, and everything in between! Buy packs to have on hand for pop-up events or when you just need to enjoy your favorite adult beverage. It’s time to up your hostessing skills with these cute and fun party straws.

Bottoms up!