Graduation Cards (2)

About Graduation Cards

Say congratulations the right way. Curly Girl graduation cards are top of the class.

Our bold, heartfelt, and witty graduation cards are perfect for celebrating the accomplishments of your graduate (and, err, putting a check into). Our inspiring yet quirky messages lend support, send hope for a bright future, and say “good job” for years of hard work. We will not go without the pomp and circumstance! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to thank all those dedicated teachers for guiding the way with their wisdom, patience, and support. We have great cards for teachers, too!

Graduations are meant to be celebrated. At Curly Girl, we have only one rule: “Be your wild, courageous, brilliant self every single day. No matter what.” Curly Girl cards are the best way to congratulations.

In addition to that check, why not add a special gift for your graduate. Curly Girl head-honcho Leigh Standley has written Do What You Love, the perfect book for anyone following their dream. It’s ideal for graduates and the teachers that were there along the way!