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  • Cereal Magnet
    Cereal Magnet
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  • Needs Clearing Greeting Card
    Needs Clearing Greeting Card
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  • Burritos Greeting Card
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  • Foolishness Greeting Card
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  • Same Time Greeting Card
    Same Time Greeting Card
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  • Cereal Greeting Card
    Cereal Greeting Card
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  • Find Shelter Greeting Card
    Find Shelter Greeting Card
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  • Crazy Sparkle Greeting Card
    Crazy Sparkle Greeting Card
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  • Admit One Greeting Card
    Admit One Greeting Card
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  • Authentically Myself Greeting Card
    Authentically Myself Greeting Card
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  • Risk of Doing Nothing Greeting Card
    Risk of Doing Nothing Greeting Card
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  • Growth Greeting Card
    Growth Greeting Card
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Just Because

One thing we’re sure of: It’s important to celebrate the many small things in life. That includes bright days, good friends, and anything with sprinkles. That’s why our Just Because cards are perfect for dropping in unexpectedly to say hello and I’m thinking of you. It’s in the simplest of gestures, that of being supportive and present, that keep us close and comforted. And Curly Girl has the best assortment of card for doing just that. Our collection includes cards to cheer, soothe, inspire, and make you chuckle for days.  So take a moment as send a card to your bestie, your mom, your dad, your whomever. Share the love and some kindness.  Just because!

“On the list of things I appreciate, you are right up there with stretch denim.” — Wisdom from Curly Girl