Parental Love (2)

About Parental Love

All hail the parentals! Show your mom and dad, or grandparents, or anyone who has shown you parental love, how much you care and appreciate them with a Curly Girl card. Our collection of magical and extra-special cards will help you say what your heart wants to say — in the best witty and heartfelt way of course. Remember, you don’t need a day such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day to tell the special people in your life they are cherished, valued, and always in your heart. (Of course, our cards are perfect for those special days, too.) We encourage you to pick any day or time and let mom and dad know that they are totally awesome. A Curly Girl card says “I carry you with me through all I do.”

 “A family is not born to us — it is made by us and our hearts are the only tools we need.”

— Wisdom from Curly Girl