Pet Love Bundle


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These are the cards you want on hand when a friend needs a little pick-me-up or a simple reminder that they are not alone – we too share a love of carbs and a healthy disregard for maturity.

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Four Legs Greeting Card

This card reads: “Some friends have to walk on four legs just so they can carry around such big hearts”

Small words: “any single human life can be greatly improved by the unyielding love of a devoted beast”

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Owned By A Cat Greeting Card

This card reads: “If we are very lucky, we will have spent some of our life being owned by a cat.” Small words: “there is nothing like the power of a quiet constant love”

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Dog Is A Small Word Greeting Card

This card reads: “Dog is such a very small word for something that takes up so much room in your heart.” Small words: “it’s extraordinary how little things become immeasurable love”

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Good Dogs Greeting card

This card reads: “Good dogs are with us for a little while to teach us how to love like it’s our job…because it is”

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You Rescued Me Greeting Card

This card reads: “Our hearts are forever connected you see, I adopted you but you rescued me.” Small words: “some soul mates have wet noses”

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Company of a Dog Greeting Card

This card reads: “With a few notable exceptions, I find that I prefer the company of my dog to that of the most well-behaved humans.”

Small words: “good thing for both of us you aren’t that well behaved”

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