I’ll Be There For You Bundle


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Show your love and support for friends or family.

You Are Loved Hanging Heart

You Are Loved hanging ceramic heart features a unique, handmade look with a matte finish. This is a special reminder for that favorite someone! Colorful wooden beads and a waxed linen tassel add a pop of color to its metal hanger. With debossed lettering, each heart features a message of love, encouragement, and more. This one reads: “You are loved beyond measure.”

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Hug You - Chocolate Bar

“‘Mom’ is such a very small word for something that means ‘everything in the world'”

Small words: “A mother’s love is big in all the little ways”

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Carry You Greeting Card

This card reads: “I can’t carry this for you – but I can help carry you when it gets too heavy. (it’s cool). I’ve been working out.”

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