Shaping Young Minds Flex Sticker


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Dress up your fridge or office with a cute Curly Girl sticker (or ten)! Collect them, trade them, gift them, send them, share them, love them!

“Teaching is the subtle art of shaping young minds without losing your own”

4″ x 4″


Customer Reviews

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Ann F.
It take a village magnet - it's perfect!

Curly Girl Designs are original but somehow touch on the things we all think and feel, but she puts it into beautiful art and a touchable thing. I love having this magnet (amongst others from CGD) on my fridge!

Naomi B.
Love My Village- Keeping it positive!

Love this sentiment, and any relatively inexpensive way I can share it with those that keep me propped up and full of joy each day! So much in our world today is more sarcastic, dark and negative, and I love the positive ways your line allows me to communicate. I know there is a market for the "darker, foul language, edgy" sentiment, but I don't think it contributes to making our world better or, in my humble view, this piece is perfect!