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Embrace the magic of small moments with Curly Girl! Colorful collage art and hand-stamped wisdom make every piece a work of art that happens to be a super handy, post-perfect greeting card!

“Sometimes all you need is an old friend, a good chat, and a slightly expensive block of cheese”

Small words: “whether near or far good friends keep us close to who we are”

5.5” Square Card* Blank Inside Colored Envelope* Poly-sleeved

*Square cards may require additional postage *Envelope color may vary

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m. k.c.
Creative, sparkling snarkiness

I love these cards because they have a charming snarkiness to them that I so appreciate. They always make me laugh - and when I send them along to friends and family, I always get such fun, appreciative feedback. Of course, my friends, like me, appreciate a kind of fun, snarky wit that is hard to find in most cards! Thank you so much for providing me with many laughable card moments! (I had to edit my earlier typing! Yikes!)

M B.A.
Cards that say exactly the right thing

Curly Girl cards offer the best of both worlds - the perfect message on the outside of the card and the opportunity to write your own message on the inside. There are cards with a touch of whimsy that still carry an important message and there are cards for more serious occasions that use just the right words to say what you want to say. The message isn't flowery but the kind of thing you might say to a close friend.
Keep these on hand for every occasion

Susan M.
Curly Girl Is the Best

I would buy all the cards if I could. There is something for every occasion,

Marta H.

Nothing better than cheese.

Kathleen R.
Best ever girlfriend card

I love this card...and so did the best friend I bought it for!