Everywhere The Light Gets In Greeting Card

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Embrace the magic of small moments with Curly Girl! Colorful collage art and hand-stamped wisdom make every piece a work of art that happens to be a super handy, post-perfect greeting card! Our Everywhere The Light Gets In Greeting Card says:

“When I am gone, look for me in every star, every moon, every brand new day, I am not gone. I am everywhere with you dear, everywhere the light gets in.” Small words: “Celebrating a beautiful soul”

5.5” Square* Gold Foil Details Blank Inside Colored Envelope* Poly-sleeved

*Square cards may require additional postage *Envelope color may vary

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Customer Reviews

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Donna N.

I found this an inspirational and comforting card to give to a person who just suffered a loss,.
I love the Curly Girl sympathy cards.... they are just different and say what one really is wanting to say to someone...

The very best cards!

These are my favorite greeting cards. They hit home in many ways

Jess L.
When you don't know what to say...

When someone is grieving saying the right heartfelt and supportive thing seems nearly impossible. That's why I love Curly Girl Cards. They are sentimental and big hearted. Short and profound words. I recently had to send this card to someone who lost their spouse far too young.

Kristen P.
Everywhere The Light Gets In Greeting Card.

Curly Girl Design cards are unique love them all. Especially the Sympathy Condolence writings. Thank you for making my order quick and easy, you aim to please,

Courtney D.
I keep a stock of this card

I always have cards on hand for any and all occasions but I love this one and keep it in stock for when needed. The sentiment is lovely for someone at such a difficult time.