Love. Delivered. Subscription Monthly

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$19.99 / month

Want LOVE, delivered right to your door? Every. Single. Month?
Whelp. It’s possible. And it’s less than twenty bucks a month. Not even coffee can do that.
We will wait while you scream with joy and dance around the room.

Our new and improved subscription service delivered a bright, happy, little bundle of our newest and best and most useful cards and pops it in a darling box and sends it off to your actual mailbox each month. 8 cards (plus occasional surprises!) each month. Like clockwork.

Monthly subscribers will be the first to get new releases and will be stocked up on classics, and popular favorites at all times.
Each box has a value of over $35 so, not only do subscribers love Curly Girl, they are just good old fashioned practical money-saving folks.
We see you. We love you. And we want to prove it on the monthly.

Each box includes 8 Curly Girl Cards (a selection of new releases and popular favorites), and endless joy.
Subscription will be charged each month on the date of purchase. May be cancelled at any time.

Please note that at this time we are unable to fulfill international subscription orders. 

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