Cyber Monday 20% off & Gift Guide from Marmalade!



Happy Cyber Monday!!! Is it even possible that any of us will get any actual work done today? I mean, the sirens are calling! Of course, today, I am one of them…so here is another tempting call! Over here we have not one but two small businesses that are running our biggest sales of the year today (exciting!) and as usual, we sincerely appreciate your support of Main Street (or Leonard Street as it were…) shops and the websites of small businesses and makers (and don’t forget local restaurants!) everywhere, especially right here!
Since our brick and mortar store, Marmalade’s website is relatively new and we have not yet had our true coming out party, I thought I would pull some of my favorite treasures for you to get you inspired! One the absolute best parts of my job is searching all over to find special and beautiful products and putting them together to create a unique story and present them in a way that inspires. It’s harder to do that on a website than in the actual store, but we are giving it our best shot!

Everything in our web-store, is 20% off today! As well as 20% off your whole order at Curly Girl Design plus $5 flat shipping! So enjoy and thanks again for all of your support!

1.) Big beautiful storage hamper – I use these in pretty much every room of my house. They are perfect catch-alls for all of the millions of toys and toy parts that toddlers seem to aquire but I have found lots of great uses for them (I packed us in them to drive to the beach this summer…then used them as laundry hampers once we got there!) plus they fold down flat for when you are not using them, though I don’t know when that might be…lots of patterns and colors available. Hand-made in Canada.

2.)“Amazing Peace” By Maya Angelou – This beautiful book is an illustrated version of a poem by Maya Angelou and is a perfect memory of her talent, and reminder of the essentials of the holiday spirit.

3.)Heart Coffee Scoop- Made right here in New England, hand crafted from zinc this coffee scoop is too pretty to stick in a drawer and a perfect present for coffee lovers!

4.)Celine Tassel Bracelet – a trio of beautifully bohemian bracelets that can be worn together or individually. These sparkly gemstone beauties deserve an invite to any arm party.

5.)Reverie Infinity Scarf- Artisan designed and made the unique patterns, perfect colors and cozy softness make these a must-get for that stylish girl who has everything. She will wonder what your secret shopping spot is and while we wish you would share, your secret is safe with us!

6.)Charcoal Dot Canvas Tote- This virtually indestructible and invincibly stylish boat tote will be the only thing you use once you have one. Perfect me-sized tote (we also have larger version if you MUST think of other people) that you can just chuck everything into…the Curly Girl staffers carry these and have a hard time getting work done for being stopped with compliments!

7.)”Live, Love, Laugh, Teach” Water Bottle- Everyone knows someone that needs this beautiful little reminder of the best things in life.

8.)Cactus Verde and other hand lotions from Illume- This incredible line makes our senses sing in so many ways, they smell perfect and the packaging is over the top, plus the lotion is luxurious. Treat yourself! Or someone you really really like.

9.)Made in the Deep South Leather and Rhinestone Cuff- We just love the combination of pretty and practical, tuff and totally pretty and our line from MITDS is just that. Sourced from estates these pieces are all one-of-a-kind just like you!

10.)Pip Studio Cushion Cover – I have these beautiful cushion covers all over the benches on my back porch and love to sink into them with a cup of coffee and a magazine (well, let’s face it…I used to) they are 60×60 cm of gorgeous patterns with a contrast piping and bring a pop of pattern to any room!

Ok! Happy shopping! Let us know if you have any questions or need help with anything! Email:

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