It’s here! And it’s excellent!!



Just a little over a year ago, I wrote here about my good friend Mariam and her passion project. I wrote about how Mariam helped me come into doing and being what I have come to do and be and how exciting it was to watch her do the same.

And how.

Since that post (which was rallying support for her kickstarter!) Good Night Yoga has been picked up by a publisher, and not only has it become a real book, it has become a real success! Holding the #1 spot in Children’s Health & Sleep and is currently topping the yoga book charts. (Squeeeeel!)

It is so beautiful, and smart and helpful and kids are so drawn to it and understand it so intuitively, that I am not at all surprised that it is catapulting itself into the hands and hearts of so many!


My kids are currently obsessed with bees, and while a little to young to fully appreciate the flow, LOVE to do ‘bee’ pose and practice their buzzing breaths.


Each page and line of the poem is accompanied by a pose description and a little reminder to breathe. And can you find the little blue cat on every page? My toddlers can!


My favorite part is the Cloud Journey Visualization at the end of the book. This is SUCH an important and useful tool for helping kids learn to use mindfulness and visualization to help calm themselves and release tension. Being able to self-regulate and tune into what is going on in our minds and bodies is something that is essential to being human, yet rarely do we have great tools for teaching that to our young people.

I cannot say enough great things about this book, and could not be more excited for my friend and teacher, Mariam. This journey is just beginning and I so look forward to what is next! Thanks to those of you who have been a part of it via Kickstarter !! The real win is the energy that comes with so many hearts focused on one thing. The swell is evident.

Buy this book (preferably at your local bookstore or shop… ahem, Marmalalde) or you can find it here. Go ahead and buy a few, because you are going to want to give it to every little person you know. Also, for my shop owner friends, it is FLYING off the shelves at the store! Great addition to your kids section! Email: for wholesale info.

If you happen to live in the Boston area, Mariam will be at our shop Marmalade this Thursday 6/18 from 11am – 2pm signing books and answering questions. Please join us!!

Congrats MG! Love you!


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