Follow Through


Today, as I struggle to get my head back into work and the new year, I have been doing some thinking on what it is I want to focus on this coming year. I find that having a 'theme' helps me focus on my personal goals and aids in decision making when I start to feel overwhelmed. Last year, my focus was learning and creative development. Which yielded this blog and a year's worth of stories to tell about getting creative learning. I keep thinking that one of these years my theme is going to be 'rest' but it just doesn't seem to be presenting itself to me just yet.

There are a lot of big things going on in 2011 already and while I am thrilled, excited and challenged by the opportunities they hold, I get a little worried about being able to stay present and really being aware and keeping them meaningful. I am not here to check things off a list. I am here to live things. So, while I ponder this, and wade through my emails I will choose to focus today on small accomplishments.

I got my poster framed!! It is a small miracle that I actually have artwork up on the wall at all, which is odd for an artist, I realize… but that it is actually framed semi-professionally is just over the top. I like to think of it as a tiny act of follow through.

Take that indecision! Suck it procrastination! Commitment!? Don't make me come over there!

Ahhh. There. I feel terrific! I think the poster looks pretty darn cute too!

If you still want one we have a few left! Email Emily ( to get one! They were limited edition so are only available while supplies last.

Do you have any tiny acts of follow through under your belt? Share them! It feels awesome!!


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