Good Luck Tuck!


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This is Tucker.

Tucker is my brother's dog. He is a bit of a rescue case and today needs to go into surgery on his front right leg to help straighten it out so that he can walk and play without needing an amputation. He is a brave dude, and my brother has taken very good care of him and made some very tough decisions around this crooked leg. Crooked legs are very expensive. But shepard mixes are very cute. Especially ones that like to snuggle. So, if you have an extra prayer in you today…send one out for Tuck and his little leg. (maybe one for my kid brother too…)

Good luck Tuck! We wish you a smooth surgery, a swift and successful recovery and many many years of running, playing and being good to my brother.



Oh, thanks all for the logo feedback! So funny! #2 was my favorite and almost nobody picked it…but that's why I asked! I am taking your input and working a little magic to make it a perfect combo! Stay tuned!

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