Small Victories


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I promise not to thrill you with all of my tiny novice-gardener accomplishments, but I do believe that life is often made up of a million tiny moments/miracles/victories that deserve to be observed from time to time.

I HAVE MY FIRST ROSE!!! The 5 heirloom plants that I planted a few weekends ago are not only not dead yet, they are actually blooming!! I stand before you victorious! This one is an Abraham Darby rose and it is glorious! Not to sound strange, but plants still sort of amaze me. This little plant, that someone far away sent me in the mail in a bag and that I severely neglected on the back porch for several weeks because I was too busy, didn't hold it against me. It didn't judge me, or complain, or try to prove anything. It just put it's little roots down, stretched it's leaves out and put all of it's little effort into producing this! And it is so so pretty!

We have plenty of big scary things to worry about that it's nice to take a moment and appreciate the little efforts and the little victories.

What tiny things are making your day worth it today??


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