Sweet Victory! Sweet Treats!


I went to sleep last night with a smile on my face the size of the Stanley Cup. Congratulations to the Boston Bruins (and their dedicated fans!) for the first Championship win in 39 years!! To celebrate our local big-little bakery and treat company Dancing Deer is selling these adorable (and quite clever) hockey puck brownies!! Why didn't I think of that!!?? What a fun thing to send to your favorite hockey-lover at work! Maybe not today, as I am sure there are many playing hockey-hookie today, but tomorrow would be fine!

In other news, I went to my local Whole Foods Market the other day and picked up the most recent copy of Where Women Cook magazine and squeeled outloud when I turned to the back page and found my new (like, so new I-don't-even-have-one-yet) “Pancakes are from Heaven” print on the back page!!
While I knew it would be in there, I had sort of forgotten (every day is like Christmas around here sometimes…) and was so excited. I am sharing with you, because this is totally frame-able and worth picking up the magazine anyway! Two-for-one! Yippee!!

Have a great day!

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