The Great Upgrade


photos of the interior of the Charlotte Street Hotel Penthouse…swoon!

Ok, TOTAL sidebar…but I landed in London this afternoon on part 1 of my 2-day journey home from Marrakesh and was met with a little surprise. Our flight was an hour late getting in for reasons labeled “Casablanca”(those who have flown through Casablanca will know what I am talking about) and then customs, and baggage (delayed, of course) and waiting in line for the hour+ taxi ride (Saturday night London traffic) all of this was taken in stride, but I was fading quickly. I am a fairly seasoned traveler at this point, but at some point even if the Buddha were a seasoned traveler he would get a little cranky. Enter the Charlotte Street Hotel in London. It is run by a group called Design Hotels and after staying at the Crosby Street Hotel, their sister property in NYC and was so impressed that I have been on a mission to at least SEE the inside of as many of their properties as possible. They are all so beautiful and different and the service is over the top. While in no way a budget hotel, the details and the hospitality at these places makes it the most worthwhile splurge if you need to feel fantastic about yourself and surround yourself with beautiful spaces for a minute.

So, when I knew I would have to take a sleepover in London to make my flight-plan work, I decided to book one night at the Charlotte Street near SOHO in London. When I arrived to check in it was around 7:30pm and I was pooped.

Front desk guy (with beautiful British accent): Good evening Ms. Standley, how are you tonight?

Me: (tiredly) Oh, good! thanks.

FDG (WBBA): You are with us for one night?

Me: Yes. Thanks.

FDG (WBBA): Superb. We have taken the liberty of upgrading your room.

Me: Oh! Fantastic. Thanks.

FDG (WBBA): Thom will see you to the penthouse just now.

Me: !!!!!

FDG(WBBA): Have a good evening. (grin)

HOLY CUH-RAP!! (pardon my French….it's been a long week of translating!) You guys, it is probably bigger than most of the apartments I have ever had in my life and is so beautiful!! Not to sound like 'little orphan Annie' but there is a television in the bathtub!! I know that I only have 12 hours here and that I probably got this room because by 7:30pm on this particular Saturday night no famous person had yet checked in…but WOOOOOO HOOOO! If that saying “It'll all come out in the wash” is true, then I just got fluffed and folded!

Sadly, I am blogging about it because I am here alone…but what the hay!! Someone should really appreciate this beautiful room and Front Desk Guy…. I'm your girl!


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