Tip of the class


As part of my whirlwind trip of delight to Columbus, OH this past weekend the lovely Sarah, from Helen Winnemore's took me here for breakfast before my flight left. It was after ordering one of the most divine egg dishes I would ever have and gift wrapping enough colorful (and delicious) French Macarons to make me have to check my bags, that I spotted this sign at the cash register. (This was a non-table service establishment)

I will save you my soap-box on tipping in our current service culture, but rest assured that I have strong feelings about it. Also rest assured that I have accumulated enough personal experience in the service industry in my life to have earned my opinions. I will just say that this was the most refreshing, polished and completely appropriate thing I have seen in a very long time. It was (very tasty) food for thought.

I think service should be part of each of our cultures.


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