2012 Sneak Peek #3!


Good Morning! (and hello fall!? what the heck!?) I finished this one up yesterday and I think it turned out really cute. This is a little nod to my Midwestern upbringing. Though, I very much now believe in the value of a proper analyst in one's life, I was sort of raised to believe that (as my Mom would say) “that's why you have girlfriends.”  I firmly believe that for some levels of therapy friends are just the thing. Now, that doesn't mean you should go around unloading on your friends all the time but a good couple hours with a trusted friend or a kindred spirit, just to reassure you that you are not the only one who has ever felt a certain way, is valuable soul food. I happen to take my soul food with cream and a little sugar

I would love to know what you think!


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