2012 Sneak Peek #4!


I have been working hard in the studio on a tight deadline (ahem, late…) and I wanted to share the latest.

I have had the great pleasure of watching several people I really really love marry people they really really love over the past 6 months or so and I wanted to try and sum up my wishes for them. So many good wises cannot fit in such a small space so I tried to focus on the essence. At the root, a relationship is a journey and a story and a marriage is not the beginning of it. It is a big bright and shiny chapter of it though and I wanted to celebrate that, and wish for many more good things than hard things while acknowledging that some drama is part of the course. Also, in an age of all-things digital, I wanted to celebrate the beautiful, good-old-fashioned printed word. Books are romance to me and I hope they never go away. This one goes out to classic romance.

Let me know what you think!


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