2012 Sneak Peek #6!


Good morning! Thanks for all of your wonderful comments on the sneak peeks…and even for the frank ones and the spirited debate over the inclusion of other species. I love to hear what you think. I will say this regarding the rodents in question. I was very keen on making this card available to anyone to send to anyone. Many of my cards are for the women in our lives or from 'us to them”, or simply celebrating the power and gorgeousness of who you are. And that is just as it should be. But I wanted the 'hug you' card to have more of a broad scope. I wanted to be able to send it to a guy, or a couple and I wanted anyone to look at those two 'friends' and say, “oh, that's you and me!”

Making them cute mice instead of people was the way that was possible. Also, I think little mice are super cute and I like to imagine that they have little mouse troubles and need little mouse hugs too.

I blame Disney.

Anyway, here is the final addition to the line for January. This is a bit of a modern love letter. It is about the times when most of the things in our lives are a touch out of focus or in mild chaos. Beds aren't made, bills may not be paid, you may not be where you thought you would be or in my case, you may not have showered too recently, but you have one person (or set of people) in your life that makes you feel like you really did something right. Or that makes you realized that you are blessed despite all those things.

For me this person is my husband, but there are also times when this was written for my Mom and Dad, a dear friend, even someone I haven't known that long but have connected with in an important way. Sometimes it's even for myself. It's for your calm in the storm, whatever the storm.

Who would you send this to?


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