2014 Holiday Cards


holidaymagic-blogIt has been awhile since I have posted sneak peeks of new cards or kept you updated on the new additions to the Curly Girl card line. For that, I am sorry. There have been so many! So many new good ones! I can’t wait to show you (though, if you are clever and on top of it, which would make one of us… you have already seen them and bought them in stores or on the website….) Nevertheless, I plan on posting them here just for posterity’s sake but since we are knee-deep in the holiday hustle I will start backwards from the 2014 holiday release!


This year we did something new and added photo-enclosure cards. This is slightly against the trend of card/photo print jobs, but is for the folks among us who enjoy sending ACTUAL photos. But there is a twist! While we did make one for standard 4″x6″ photos, we made two specifically sized for 4″x4″ prints of your INSTAGRAM photos! I have been printing mine out for months, trying to not have my entire life exist in the ether, and I really wanted to send some this year as our holiday card… so VOILA!



You can print your IG photos most anywhere (Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens) but I like to get mine from Copygram and Artifact Uprising because the quality is so good (and they are pretty fast!). Wherever you get them printed, just slip them into the pocked of our new holiday cards and you are sending love AND a keepsake photo!


I also did two new classic holiday cards which I love. Particularly the one with critters. You know how I love critters.


Hope you love them! We still have them available to ship (plus many many more!), and for being so lovely (and actually reading to the end of this post…) here is a coupon code for 15% off all holiday cards on our site! : HOLBLOG15

I love to know what you think! Merry Merry!!!



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