A do – over and sneak peek!


Hello lovelies! I have been in studio most of this week working on an art deadline. Sorry if I have not returned an email or a phone call or if I was supposed to be somewhere and forgot. I am pretty locked in when I am in here, which is good, but it can make me very anti-social.

Over the past year I have been working on re-vamping some older Curly Girl pieces. I still love the sentiment, but the image doesn't feel current anymore to me, or I just think it could be better. Over the years, my illustration style has evolved, the brand has grown and the applications for my art are different. I want to keep things relevant and fresh, and the beauty of working for myself, is that I have the freedom to do something over and give it new life. Instead of a piece getting discontinued and sent into the archives, I get a chance to give it a little make over and re-introduce it to the world as I see it today. What a treat!

I made the first version of this card before it being a greeting card was even a thought in my brain. Before I even dreamt of making art for a living, starting a greeting card company or (gasp!) running one. Before I knew how to do any of that and way before I thought I could do any of that. To be honest, before I even wanted to do any of that.

I made this in 2001, sitting on the floor of my first apartment in Cambridge, unemployed having been recently laid off from my first big job. I was making post cards for friends and this was the second one I did. It has now been for sale in the Curly Girl line for 9 years and actually still sells quite well!

Even though it is still one of our great sellers, I wanted to give it a re-do to make it more contemporary, and more in line with my current style.I also wanted to update the sentiment so that it wasn't just about 'she' anymore. It needed to be brighter, and more energized and just a little bolder.  It is, after all about enjoying the finer things of life with the finest things in life…good friends.

I love how the new one turned out, I love the kind of day they are having…let me know what you think!


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