A little freshen up – Sneak Peek


Hello! Happy Monday! I spent the weekend in my newly (slightly) re-organized studio (thanks Coach, for assembling IKEA things!). My mission was to take a few older pieces in my line and give them a little freshen up to see how they can find a new space in the world. It was really fun to take a look back and see how my style and color pallet and eye has changed in 10 years, but how my voice has not that much. I still really mean what I say, and said, and I look at these older pieces, and think of whose story they were telling then, and what they mean to me now, and they seem new again.

This piece was originally made (9 years ago) for a friend's sister who was going through a massive life change. She was a very important psychotherapist and had loads of clients, made great money and had more education than you could shake a stick at, but after a stint moonlighting as a make-up artist for (I think) a theater company, she was hooked! She decided to leave her job, her title and her professional life as she knew it and start the process of becoming a make-up artist.

I was so bowled over by this at the time. This risk. This adventure, this concept that you could just….do what you loved. Even though I was in the middle of doing it myself (little did I know), I was simultaneously terrified by her choice and completely impressed. This woman had you-know-whats! And here was her sister, cheering her on. That was just as impressive.

When you are doing something totally nuts, you need someone who knows that but believes in you enough to never let you believe it.

Here is the original piece (still available in our line as a card):

When I re-approached this one, I thought about what it meant to me now. How our minds are so much more available for this type of thinking, but still many of us don't trust the process. This is not to say that we should all quit our day jobs to stay home and craft, or bake or write or juggle. But we should definitely operate in our full space. Take up our full 360 degrees. We should absolutely make time in our lives for the pursuit and execution of the things we love to do. The things we need to do, the activities or service or energy that we need to put into the world. And that is how we should talk about what we “do”.

We are not our jobs, but we are what we do. And what we do, matters.

What do you think? Before? After? Somewhere in between??

More tomorrow…Oh, and P.S.: 'big' Marmalade opens in 3 days!!! I am freaking out!


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