A little freshen up – Sneak Peek #2


Holy Cow this week is going fast! I feel like I blink and it is tomorrow! Just wanted to share the other refresh I did for summer 2011 (I know! SUCH a tease!) I really have enjoyed taking some of my older pieces and re-designing them for either a different application, or just an update in design.

This time, my goal was to take a sentiment that I used originally for a specific occasion, and make it available to a wider audience by making the artwork less specific. I love this saying. It is one of my core-truths and every time I read it (even though I wrote it) I think to myself: “YES!!”

I originally wrote it 10 years ago for dear family friends who after many many years in love were able to finally get married (well, in 2001 it was still called a 'civil union', but now are married.). They met through a friend's weekly “take-out & wine night” and have lived happily ever after. I wanted to write about love in general, but make it secretly specific to them so played on the fortune cookie. I really loved how it turned out, and it has been in our line ever since:

However, because it has so many details in it specific to the occasion, it is not as 'universal' as I would like. Also, I wanted to make the color scheme a little brighter to reflect the brightness of the statement. At Curly Girl, we like to pride ourselves on making “cards for people, not occasions”, and even though we do have some that are more appropriate for occasions, like this one, I really want people to stand in front of a rack of my cards and say: “Ooooh!! That is SO me!” or “Ooooh! It's perfect for my sister/friend/love of my life!” I find that so much more exciting than picking up a birthday card to put with a birthday present (though, that is important too!!).

I love when I am out and see something that reminds me of someone I hold dear, and it causes me to reach out to them and connect, or re-connect, or just say: “I thought of you” and mean it in the best way possible. That's ultimately, what I hope my work does out there in the world.

People, not occasions. Know what I mean?

Anyhow. I am going on. Just wanted to share, I really love how this one turned out (especially the cookies! they were fun!) and would love to hear your thoughts!


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