Festive Dogs and Sweaters and Festive Dogs with Sweaters


Festive Dogs and Sweaters and Festive Dogs with Sweaters


Ok! This is the final new product post for this fall! I am working feverishly on our January release, so fear not, there will be more new stuff before you can wag your finger at me. This time of year, creatively is both exhausting and exhilarating. Time already moves fast in my life, but after September 15th, it feels like a mud-slide to January.black friday wig sale durex intense vibrations ring oregon football jerseys jock strap yeezy boost 350 v2 hyperspace decathlon bmx custom sublimated hockey jerseys uberlube luxury lubricant stetson casquettes jordan air force 1 pepe jeans outlet penn state jersey stetson straw cowboy hats sac petite mendigote black friday wig sale

I try my hardest to blink hard, focus and slow as much down as I can, but I am mostly just trying to keep up and make sure everyone is having a good time (myself included).

This year I wanted to throw in a little something fun for the holidays that would be sweet to tuck in stockings or give to teachers or that ‘guy in accounting that has a hilarious pug’ (Ahem, Gary…). Something that our shops could brighten up a display with and be really useful all around.


Festive sweaters are a love of mine. So you could say this was a passion project. I love painting tiny sweaters. I love festive jumpers and fair isle cardigans and critter turtlenecks. The whole lot. These little notecards are blank inside and come as a set of 6 with cute polkadot envelopes. I like to think you could send them all year to your coziest friends…

Holiday SweatersHoliday Dogs

The holiday dogs also come in a notecard set of 6 with polkadot envelopes. These guys are festive and fabulous and also come as list pads, which I love!


It was hard to narrow it down to 6 dogs to paint (I got some heat from family members for leaving their dogs out… you will notice that not even LUCY is featured…fair is fair) but we took a vote at Curly Girl HQ and the winners were: Weiner dog, Frenchie, Chihuahua, Grey mutt, Lab and our office Pug, Daisy. (though, I may have slimmed her down a bit in my rendering…)


Paired with our pencils, these make the perfect puppy present! These are available on our website now, but we made a limited quantity, so scoop them up!



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