Final October Release Sneak Peek (#4)


Final October Release Sneak Peek (#4)


Happy November! Now that Halloween is over, I’m not sure what we will talk about in our house! This year was the first year that the concept sunk in and the magic of everything and the excitement of costumes and candy and neighbors really took hold. I rediscovered a love for this holiday that had long been buried and I am so grateful to my kids for their enthusiasm, and to my own ability to store up magic so that when it needs rediscovering…it’s there.jordan max aura 4 NFL College Jerseys borsa prima classe dallas cowboys slippers mens penn state jersey jock strap air jordan 1 low flyease Iowa State Football Uniforms asu football jersey Iowa State Football Uniforms ASU Jerseys custom youth nfl jersey black stetson hat johnny manziel jersey jordan max aura 4

So, this is the last new everyday card from our October release and I just love it. It is an homage to Virginia Woolf, and before you say it, Yes, I am aware it is a double negative. That is the whole point.

This one goes out to my family and dear dear friends who live all over the place, but not nearly close enough to me. I always wish you were at my table for dinner or around to go on walks or able to help me with annoying projects. I at least wish we were in the same time zone. Those of you in California and Oregon know who you are. I miss your faces and the feeling is pretty much constant.

So I put it as simply as I could.

I plan to keep a stack of these and send one each week. In a year or so, I might have covered it.

Who does this one go to for you?


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