Final Sneak Peek for May #6


Hello & happy Friday to you! I want to start by thanking all of you for your sweet and encouraging words regarding the twins news. I feel ever so supported and loved and that is totally what I need right now. I have loved hearing your experiences with twins, and just about babies in general. I really appreciate all of it.

Here is the final addition to the May release that made it by the skin of it's teeth to the Stationery Show! Emily, our production manager had to draw a hard line with me on this deadline as I couldn't really get my stuff together. She cut me off and said this would have to go in the July release…then she saw it.  (or that's how it went down in my mind)

This card has been needed for so long and I can't wait to send it to about a hundred people. It's pretty straightforward, and goes out to all of your bright and shinys.

My mom paid me perhaps the highest compliment ever by saying: “Oh honey! I would have written this for you! This is your 'daughter' card.” It made me cry (but really, what doesn't these days…) and realize that I have not been able to write the much-requested 'daughter' card because I don't have a daughter…but my mom does, and now I will soon!

So whether it reminds you of your daughter or a dear friend or some other fabulous lady in your life… I hope you find a hundred ways to send this…so Emily will be able to sleep at night.

I would love to know what you think!

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