Hello! I need your thoughts.


Hello all! I hope the past couple of weeks have found you well and enjoying fall! I had to take a brief hiatus so that we could get our new website up and running and our servers all spit-spot. I also had to pop over to Montana to visit our new warehouse and give a little kissy to the 7000 pounds of Curly Girl product that we just shipped there this month. I will fill you in on all of that a little later.

Right now I need your help!
I am getting us ready for 2013 and have a new little line that I am going to introduce called “Just Our Type”. It focuses on the quotes and my love for typography and graphic design and I think it is really going to be fun! My thoughts are that even though we all love the illustrations, there are times when you just need to get the words across. One of my favorite parts about my job is the writing part, and I wanted to celebrate the original quotes in a special way. There will be a couple applications of type in this line (this is one, I will post the other a little later). We will start with greeting cards and potentially some wall art based on feedback.

As with any stray from a well-plodded path, I am meeting some resistance. I did a gut check and know where I stand, but I wanted to throw it out there to y'all, as my first-line feedbackers and see what you thought. Am I spitting into the wind here? Do you see what I see?

PLEASE feel free to be honest with your feedback (be nice, of course) and also know that this is NOT in lieu of a new release of traditional Curly Girl cards, merely an addition. Another way to say it. Something that is 'just our type'.

Thanks in advance!


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